Diamond Accent – The Ultimate Guide

What are Diamond Accents?

Accent Diamond use has been an exciting addition to many jewellery pieces in latest years as a method of further enhancement of center stones inside rings, necklaces, pendants and other types of Jewelry. And yet, very few people know what diamond accents are. In this guide, we’ll cover the ins and outs of the diamond accent market, from both a technical viewpoint and that of the consumer.

The most common cuts used for creating diamond accents include the following:

Brilliant Round – due to their versatile nature they can universally blend and enrich any main piece in a non-distracting, yet elegant fashion.

Trilliant Cuts – help make a bigger statement but maintain balance throughout the piece, and the added bonus of appearing larger than their weight would indicate.  

Straight and Tapered Baguettes – are favorites among three stone ring designs, adding a sense of symmetry and smoothness at the cost of brilliance compared to some of the previously mentioned cuts. Their rectangular nature provides a sense of symmetry that is soothing to the eyes.

Depending on the size, many smaller diamond accents are cut drastically differently from their bigger versions using what is known as the single-cut method. An example of this can be seen in round cut accents which have 16-18 facets as opposed to the universal 58 facets used for the bigger renditions of the cut.


You would find it hard to find any type of diamond jewelry with a medium to large center stone that wouldn’t benefit by surrounding them with more diamonds, depending on personal taste of course.  But which cuts do so in the most elegant fashion without taking away from the main attraction?

One of the answers came in the form of the innovative, and economical diamond accents, or accent diamonds concept. Technically speaking, accent diamonds are small diamond cuts weighing at 0.01-0.18 cts also known as “melee” diamonds and 0.18-.0.25 which can be categorized as large diamond accents. 

The Importance of Matching Diamond Accents

It’s a terrible mistake to underestimate the importance of matching diamond accents with not only one another but the center stone in which their goal is to bedazzle. Jewellers, however, do not always discuss them besides the mention of quantity and size, as the logical point of discussion is the larger stone. But not all diamond accents are created equal. In fact, you’d be doing your Jewelry piece a disservice by paying no mind to the surrounding accent stones.

On one hand, if they’re too low in quality, for example being cloudy or yellow, eyes would wander away from the main attraction, the large center stone. If the accents are too overqualified compared to the main stone, you risk bringing imperfections otherwise unnoticed right into the spotlight.

While the weight of each stone doesn’t necessarily have to match, factors such as dimensions in mm do. Ideally, when it comes to color you may choose to opt to have accents a few grades down but no more than that.


In Summary

Questioning and requesting further info about the diamond accents incorporated in your desired jewellery is something worth considering as it can only benefit you in the long run. Ask about the 4c’s and try to look if the accents are in sync with the main stone. At the end of the day, diamond accents are a sophisticated, economical method of enriching your Jewelry. While individually they’re not worth much, combined with a matching center stone they can significantly add both appeal and value.

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