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Bullet Cut Diamond

Our Bullet Diamond Cuts

The Straight Bullet Diamond Cut despite being a relatively new player in the ever-growing side stone market, brings out beauty reminiscent of the art deco period, capable of enhancing both modern and vintage jewelry alike. as a proud member of the step cut family.

We take great pride in hand-selecting our rough materials, and our in house diamond cutting facilities help ensure that we can deliver you with the truest form of Straight Bullet Shaped Diamonds.

In order to provide you with the absolute best end result, we put extra care into ensuring there are no inclusions or blemishes that are clear to the naked eye and maintaining the best possible proportions for a tremendous hall of mirror effect, maintaining the delicate balance of competitive pricing and quality.

We offer our Straight Bullet Step Cut Diamond as Side Stones, sold as Matching Diamond Pairs that are in perfect harmony, identical to the smallest of details for use as side stones.

Sizes Range From 0.15 – 0.70
Colors Range From D-J
Clarity Range From VVS-SI

Our clients incorporate our Straight Bullet Shaped Diamonds in pieces like Three Stone Engagement Rings, Bullet Stud Earrings, Eternity Necklaces and much more.

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A Modern Cut That Captures the Beauty of the Past

A modified rendition of the straight baguette with an added narrowing v at the bottom portion, The Bullet Cut Diamond showcases similar beauty and diversity as side stones to that enjoyed by the straight Baguette and is capable of enhancing every center diamond like no other, in both modern and art deco jewelry.

Why go for the Straight Bullet Cut Diamond?

While it is certainly true that the Straight Bullet Shaped Diamond is not yet a household name, The Side Stone diamond market is one that sees continuous growth and particular demands for things that are new and exciting. The Bullet Cut is impactful and distinguished, and its step cut brings with it smooth elegance that has been lost in brilliant cuts which focus on fire and dazzling, while providing an economically savvy solution to enhancing and enlarging the appearance of the step cut center stone.

Ideal Settings for Bullet Cut Diamonds

While capable of enhancing any type of center diamond, the straight bullet cut is especially stunning when combined with similarly cut diamonds, such as the Emerald or Asscher Cut, Trapezoids, and many more. Most commonly you would see great examples of the cut placed in Three Stone Engagement Rings and Five Stone Engagement Rings, with Prong, and Claw Settings.

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