Side Stone Superman Shield Diamonds Cut & Matching Diamond Pairs

Our Superman Shield Cut Diamonds

It’s hard to distinguish yourself in the cutting edge world of side stone diamonds, which is why we provide our clients with the most innovative cuts that allow you to stay ahead of the curve.

Our Superman Shield Shaped Diamonds are one of the greatest examples of our continuous innovations, providing you with the same benefits that the classic shield cut diamonds provide, with a unique twist suitable for both men and women’s jewelry.

Superman Shields are a fantastic choice for dangle earrings, pendants and of course three stone and five stone engagement rings, thanks to their wider center and stunning play on light.

Sizes Ranging From 0.15-1.00 carats per each stone
Colors Ranging From D-J
Clarity Ranging From VVS-SI

Custom orders are available but will possibly require a little extra time to source the materials for your specific needs.

A Superman Cut Shield Diamond has no Kryptonite

With the massive success of the shield cut diamond in the field of side stones, and in certain jewelry designs, as center stones, a popular increase in modifications of the original Shield Cut was bound to happen. One of the greatest to emerge among the new Shield Cut Extended Family was the Superman Shield Cut. Being one of the most widely recognized symbols in the world, the comic book version of the Symbol started off as a simple triangle, but eventually evolved to the beloved Shield version we all know and love, standing for protection and honor much similar to the original historical shield.

Why Go for the Superman Shield Shaped Diamond?

The Superman Cut Modified Shield Diamond offers many of the perks that the standard shield is known to deliver, with an added distinction that separates it from most in an elegant fashion. It is most often seen positioned as matching diamond pair side stones with the wider section of each piece set next to the center diamond on both ends. They also make for tremendous dangle earrings thanks to their wider than average structure, and unique pendants, suitable for men and women alike.

How to Find the Best Super Shaped Shield Diamond

As previously stated all Shield Cuts share the same perk of being wider than your average cut, but it can be easily turned into a flaw. Extra attention on ensuring no blemishes or inclusions that are visible to the naked eye are present at its center are the most crucial things to consider, followed by choosing a supplier that knows their symmetry and can ensure a proper super shield cut diamond that lives up to the original.

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