Loose Tapered Bullet Side Stones Matching Diamond Pairs

Tapered Bullet Side Stones Diamond

Our Step Cut Tapered Bullet Side Stone Diamonds

The Tapered Bullet Cut Diamond brings something unique and refreshing to the ever competitive field of side-stone diamonds is a source of great pride for us at Ava Diamonds. As one of the top direct diamond importers in the world with our own manufacturing facilities, we are able to deliver a unique line of identical Matching Side Stone Tapered Bullet Cut Diamonds.

Pairs weighing at 0.10 carats up to 2.5 carats in total.

Colors range from D to J.

Clarity range from IF to SI1.

Our satisfied customers which consist of both Jewelers and Wholesalers, enjoy the diversity of the cut. From a Tapered Bullet Diamond Engagement Ring with 3 Stone, or 5 Stone design, Solitaire Necklaces and Pendants, among many other possibilities.

We are available at all times for inquiries and consultation. Our core belief is that our customer service should match the quality of our products. Custom orders are not only available but highly welcome. Feel free to contact us.

The Fascinating Tapered Bullet Diamond Step Cut

The Tapered Bullet Cut Diamond is an incredibly innovative addition in the world of side stones, taking inspiration from the Tapered Baguette. While both the Tapered Bullet and Baguette are similar, the Bullet offers a unique differentiating factor in its narrower inward pointing v shape which helps structure the Bullet Shape.

A Fresh Choice - Why The Tapered Bullet Step Cut Diamond

While perhaps not as famous as other side stones, the Bullet Step Cut Diamond is gaining momentum thanks to its dramatic impact and unique structure, while taking advantage of the numerous benefits offered by the ancestral Tapered Baguette. The Step Cut method employed shows an appreciation to the opposite spectrum of the fire and brilliance the Brilliant Cut is so known for. Instead, you enjoy a calming, clarity emphasized and lustre filled chasing cut. The Bullet Cut has already shown its merits when combined with classic center stone cut, especially in Three Stone Rings. Perhaps its most successful combo is when placed on opposite sides with a beautiful Emerald Cut at the center.

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