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Trillion Cut Diamond Layouts - Ava Diamonds

The Trilliant Cut Diamond which also goes by Trillion or Triangle Shaped Diamond is one of the most sought after cuts available today thanks to its ability to support and enrich center stones in all Jewelry designs it’s incorporated into, as well as its own symmetrical beauty and impressive sparkle which allows it at times to even act as the center of attention.

While the appeal of the Trilliant Cut Diamond can’t be questioned, the manner of which each individual piece is cut can certainly lead to success or failure. Due to our unique capabilities within the diamond side stone industry, and the experience of supplying to jewelers and wholesalers we at Ava Diamonds have established a hard-earned reputation of delivering the best Trilliant Cut Diamonds in the world.

Our direct import process and manufacturing capabilities, as well as our individual selection, is what makes all the difference. From ensuring that each piece isn’t too shallow, following the ideal 1:1 ratio and the ideal number of facets based on the desired end goal. As a result of our large quantities of superb cuts, we now offer Calibrated Layouts of Trilliant Cuts, matched to perfection for wholesale and Jewelry Setting purposes.

Our Range of Trilliant Cut Diamond Rows

Sizes range from 0.10ct to 0.75 for each piece.

Colors available from D to J.

Clarity available from VVS to SI.

The unique Jewelry our Trilliant Cut Diamond Rows can be incorporated into is quite remarkable. We often see them in Three Stone Engagement Rings, Solitaire Earrings, Infinity Necklaces, and many more designs. We are available to you at all times, if you have a question or a custom order in mind feel free to contact us.

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