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Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond Side Stones by Ava Diamonds


While it’s true that The Rectangular Cushion Cut Diamond is a magnificent main stone in its own right, its ability to disperse light and overall beauty enables it to perform remarkably as a side stone. Our ever-growing line of Rectangular Cushion Cut Diamond Matching Pairs can aid you in taking your business to the highest of levels, with each diamond possessing unrivalled cutting standards, carefully picked, and perfectly matched.

Weight range from 0.10 carats up to 2.5 carats in total

Colors range from D to I

Clarity range from IF to SI1

Elongated Cushions are an exquisite choice for jewelry, our side stones can be seen throughout the world in such Jewelry as Cushion Halo Engagement Rings, Solitaire Earrings, and Eternity Rings and other Jewelry.

We invite you to check out our stock for yourself and will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns.  and will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns.

pillow cut diamonds loose
elongated cushion cut diamonds loose
loose rectangular cushion cut diamonds


While the Cushion Cut Diamond has been somewhat overtaken by the meteoric rise of the Round Brilliant Cut in terms of popularity, the ever-growing appreciation for all things vintage and antique has helped it gain impressive momentum. The Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond adds even more diversity and uniqueness to the beloved cushion style while appearing larger and elongating the appearance of the fingers of the one wearing them. Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds however require expertise as there are no set filtering standards. Compared to the square ones, they have more potential of being “leaky” so, in order to maximize their potential, it’s highly recommended to go for a reputable and knowledgable gemologist and traders. 

Go With Experience When it Comes to Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds

While certifications serve an important purpose,  when dealing with Cushion Cut Diamonds they tend to miss a few key components. Cushions have two important faceting variables, known as Crushed Patterns, and Chunky Patterns. You should always strive to purchase your Cushion Diamonds from direct importers and manufacturers that know their Facettes. Elongated Cushion Cut Shaped Diamonds require more considerations, as they are more likely to end up with diminished brilliance, and skilled gemologists can help find the ideal one for your needs, which is something we take pride in doing for our clients.

Chunky facette patterns are often used for the purpose of offering a similar pattern to that of the Round Brilliant Cut, emphasizing sparkle and brilliance. It is no wonder then that the Chunky Pattern choice is the most popular one.

Crushed Ice, on the other hand, offers up the beauty of randomness similarly seen when ice is crushed. They’re beautiful in their own right, but their focus is less on brilliance and more on elegance and more about the individual beauty of each piece. You will find that Cushions with Crushed Ice patterns are more affordable than those with Chunky Facette Patterns.

Rectangular Cushion Diamonds Are very Demanding but Rewarding

The added beauty and uniqueness offered up by the ELongated Cushion Cut Diamond comes with the potential for the undesirable bow-tie effect. Luckily it can be avoided, especially when working with experienced suppliers and importers that know what makes a great Cushion Cut.

One of the factors that should definitely be addressed is the problem cushions face when it comes to their ability to retain colors. It is highly recommended to invest in a higher color grade in order to compensate for this. The same could be said about its clarity, as it has a larger table that tends to put imperfection to light. Investing in a higher grade of clarity will be quite rewarding.

elongated cushion cut diamond engagement ring with round pave
elongated cushion cut diamond engagement ring with round pave
three stone diamond ring with yellow fancy elongated cushion and two half moon cut diamonds
three stone diamond ring with yellow fancy elongated cushion and two half moon cut diamonds
cushion cut wedding band matching stones shared prong
cushion cut wedding band matching stones shared prong

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