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It is an undeniable fact that finding a reliable source of authentic, true to form French Cut Diamonds is a rare thing to find nowadays. Our vast experience in creating special cut diamonds spans over 75 years, and thanks to our direct manufacturing access and wholesale stock levels.

We at Ava Diamonds are able to fill the missing gap. Our French Cut Diamonds are a tremendous choice as side stones, especially for Jewelry pieces that celebrate the beauty of the Art Deco and Art Noveau Design Styles.

Our customers incorporate our French Cut Diamonds in unique Jewelry designs due to their ability to blend with the most creative of pieces, as well as add them to Antique Jewellery, Popular French Cut Engagement Ring Design like  Three Stone Rings, Halo Rings, and Art Deco Solitaire Diamond Earrings.

Sizes Rangeing from 0.10-1.00 ct per piece

Colors Ranging From D-J

Clarity Ranging From VVS-SI

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french cut diamond pairs for side stones
french cut diamond matching pairs

A Historical Marvel - The French Cut Diamond

Dating back to the 14th century, the French Cut Diamond is hard to compete with in terms of its rich history and role in the evolution that led to the creation of many modern cuts, starting with the table cut as its ancestor. Despite being a 14th century creation, it was in 20th centruy during the rise of the art deco movement where the French Cut truly started its rise to fame, and it’s not hard to see why.

Why the French Cut Diamond is Making a Comeback

French Cut Diamonds showcase 18 to 24 facets making it a remarkable choice for use as side stones and diamond accents when compared to most modern cuts. Its distinct nature is partially due to its high crown and four triangular facets which are pointing towards the crown and help deliver an entirely different viewing experience from both the Brilliant and Step Cut Diamonds available today. The result is chunkier, large glass clear display of light brought to one’s eyes through its unique crown and table display and inverted corners. A true king fitting of art deco and art nouveau jewelry.

Things to Consider When Searching for French Cut Diamonds

Adherence to proven proportions is one of the single most important things to consider in french cuts. Where certain cuts may still maintain a certain charm even if handled improperly, the French Cut will have a much more detrimental effect of looking blurry and watered down. From its unusually yet well thought of high crown dimensions, down to its unique inverted corners.

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