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Our stock of Asscher Cut Diamonds, being one of our unique specialities is both extensive and diversified, which allows us to supply you with identical Matching Asscher Cut Diamond Pairs, be it for side stones or other Engagement Rings and Jewelry. Jewellers and Wholesalers alike will find our stock to be of the highest quality, precise down to a millimetre.

Sizes ranging from 0.10 carats to 0.85 carats total

Colors range from D to I

Clarity range from IF to SI1

Some of our clients implement our Asscher Cuts in Eternity Rings and Tennis Necklaces, as well as Vintage Asscher Cut Engagement Rings, Cathedral Setting Jewelry, and Floating Halo Necklaces.

Any questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate. Part of the process is consultation, be it helpful advice on the ideal number of stones to aid you in bringing your vision to reality, or matching it based on specific dimensions like finger or wrist size.

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The Asscher Cut Diamond is one of the most popular square shaped diamonds available today thanks to its sheer elegance and sophistication. It first saw the light of day thanks to Joseph Asscher in 1902, who patented it through the Royal Asscher Diamond Company and implemented the traditional step cut method. At first glance, many confuse the Asscher with the Square Emerald Cut. While similar, there are some noticeable differences. The Emerald is more triangular, while the Asscher is more square and octagonal with cropped corners and tends to deliver better sparkle and light retention.

A Good Asscher Cut Diamond is Hard to Come By

Good Symmetry is critical when it comes to the Asscher Cut Diamond and finding a reliable source of acquiring them is highly recommended. Even if you have all that, a desirable Asscher Cut Piece is not an easy thing to find. Things to look out for include misaligned facets which can lead to large dead areas throughout the piece, as well as low clarity grades. Clarity is one thing you should definitely focus on in any piece that is created using the step-cut as they’re made for putting the spotlight on the clarity and elegance of a diamond as opposed to the sparkle and fire when using the brilliant cut method.

Ideal Settings for the Asscher Cut Diamond

One of the greatest pros of the Asscher Cut is the fact that it has no delicate corners when compared to the Pear Cut for example, and as such can work tremendously well with nearly all diamond settings. Cathedral settings are highly popular as it maximizes the uniqueness and sparkle of the Asscher Cut Diamond is famous for. Great combos to enrich the Asscher Shape as a center stone are Trapezoid Side Stones and Baguette Side Stone Diamond Cuts.

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asscher cut diamond solitaire ring
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asscher cut diamond cross pendant

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