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Our Antique Cushion Cut Diamonds

We understand full well how rare it is to find a quality supplier of the Antique rendition of the Cushion Cut. Which is why we’ve made it our utmost priority to deliver our clients Antique Cushions of the highest standards thanks to our direct access and in house manufacturing facilities, and 75 years of experience.

Our Old Mine Cut Diamond for Sale deliver on the beauty that saw astronomical heights during the Victoria Era till this day. We offer them to you as Side Stones, perfectly matched together to provide the ultimate viewing experience for Collectors, Jewelers, and of course their clients.

Sizes Range From 0.10-1.00 carats per piece
Colors Range From D-J
Clarity Range From VVS-SI

Our clients implement our Old Mine Cut Diamond Side Stones in such pieces as Victorian Jewelry, Antique Cushion Cut Engagement Rings, 3 Stone Rings, Vintage Engagement Rings, Solitaire Earrings and many more. Custom orders are available, feel free to contact us for further details.

The Historical Significance of the Antique Cushion Cut Diamond

The Antique Cushion Cut Diamond otherwise known as the Old Mine Cut dates back as far as the 1700’s. Its cushion-like shape has much to do with the significant limitations that stem from not having mastered electricity usage during the time of its creation. Producing what we now know as the Round Cut was simply not feasible. And yet, while Brilliant Cutting Methods associated with modern advancements in technology have taken over with both the Brilliant Round and Cushion Cut among many others , the Antique Cushion Cut Diamond still lives on, with its stunning majestic presence which showcases a larger culet, smaller table, and high crown.

Why Go for the Antique Cushion Cut?

While the modern Cushion Cut and the Antique Cushion Cut Diamond share a lot of common ground such as the number of facets (58), their differences are what gives it its majestic presence. Most dominant is the difference in the areas of the table, culet, and crown. The Antique Cushion or Pillow Shaped Cut Diamond displays a unique high crown, smaller table, and a significantly larger, or flat culet. The result is each piece completely unique to one another with chunky facets and light reflection that delivers historical beauty that can only be described as artistic and gives off the appearance of limpid water.

Finding the Right Suppliers of Antique Cushion Diamonds

Whereas the Modern Cushion has its ideal characteristics in mind, the Antique rendition of the cut requires sophisticated improvising dependent on the rough material and the skills and experience of the diamond cutter. Perhaps most crucial is ensuring that the facets and crown line up properly for the ultimate light retention, a task that is quite difficult due to their lack of symmetry. While the Antique version of the Cushion Diamond is considered rare, good examples of it that live up to its historical beauty are even more uncommon.

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