Side Stone Pear Cut Matching Diamond Pairs

Pear Cut Diamond Side Stones by Ava Diamonds


Finding a reliable supplier of Pear Cuts is no simple matter, be it due to quantities, pricing, or quality of work. We’re able to differentiate our Pear Shaped Diamonds and offer them in matching pairs down to a millimetre.

Sizes ranging from 0.10 carats to 2.5 carats total

Colors range from D to I

Clarity range from IF to SI1

Our Pear Cut Side Stone product line is used by both wholesalers and jewellers, commonly incorporating them in a Teardrop Shaped Engagement Ring, Anniversary Rings, Three Stone Rings, Vintage and Antique Rings, Cathedral and many more.

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matching pear cut diamond pairs
loose pear cut diamonds
fancy yellow pear shaped diamond with white pear cut diamond side stones


The Pear Cut is a child born from the beloved classic Round Cut and the Marquise. A surprising match that gave birth to a true masterpiece known as the Pear, or Tear Drop Cut Diamond. The Pear Cut offers some unique advantages, many of which are related to its rich ancestry. One such example is the number of facets (58) which takes after the king of all diamond cut, the brilliant round. The elongated and stylish elegance of the Pear also gives the appearance of being larger than it actually is.

Finding a good Pear Cut Diamond is no Easy Task

It’s always recommended to go through established manufacturers and importers for all diamond purchases, be it wholesale or single purchases due to pricing, and most importantly quality assurances and guidance, and that’s especially important when purchasing a Pear Cut Diamond. A well cut Pear Diamond is hard to come by,  they are often too long, too short, not rounded enough, or too rounded. It’s no surprise that the GIA chooses to opt out of grading them!

Ideal Settings for Pear Cut Diamonds

With all of its beauty and allure, the Pear Cut Diamond is considered among the gentler fancy diamond shapes out there due to its sharp tip point. That’s why proper settings are highly important, to both maximize its beauty and protect it from any potential damage when used as a center stone.

When it comes to the settings that offer the most significant protection it’s hard to argue that the Bezel Settings is the best choice surrounding the entirety of the piece in protective metal. While the Bezel is the safest choice, it does have certain drawbacks like making the center stone appear smaller and keeping a good portion of it hidden.

Another way to go about it is to use the classic 6 Prong Setting with an added V tip, or even a Halo Ring Setting. Both enrich the appeal of the Pear Cut Diamond much better but are somewhat less protective. The Pear Cut also make for wonderful side stones, especially when combined with the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond.

three stone pear cut diamond engagement ring in platinum
three stone pear cut diamond engagement ring in platinum
two stone pear cut diamond ring with fancy yellow pear and oval cut side stones
two stone pear cut diamond ring with fancy yellow pear and oval cut side stones
pear and oval cut hoop diamond earrings
pear and oval cut hoop diamond earrings

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