Side Stone Epaulette Cut Diamond & Matching Diamond Pairs

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Our Epaulette Shaped Matching Diamond Pairs

Our Epaullete, or Cadi Cut Matching Diamonds are the perfect combination with Ovals, Princess, Cushion, and Emerald Cut Diamonds at the center of various three, and five stone rings. All our pairs are created in the same lapidary to ensure their absolute identical synchronicity down to a millimetre.

We offer sizes from 0.30 to 3.00 carats total.

Colors available from D to J.

Clarity available from VVS to SI.

We often see our Epaulletes placed 3 Stone Enagement Rings, Halo Rings, Halo Necklaces, and 5 Stone Wedding Rings, among other stunning Jewelry.

We welcome special and complex orders and have yet to find an order we couldn’t deliver on. Feel free to contact us at your convenience. We will be delighted to assist you and provide more info or help you complete your order.

The Epaulette Cut Diamond - a Side Stone to Remember

The side stone field is an incredibly competitive one which constantly seeks ways of further enhancing center stones in a variety of jewelry. One of the most fascinating innovations in side stones in recent years is the five-sided Epaullete Shaped Diamond, also known as the Cadi Cut Diamond.

The Power of Innovation - the Rise of the Epaullete Shaped Diamond

While inspired by the Chevron and Trapezoid Cuts, the Epaulette takes some of the best attributes offered by both cuts and presents itself in an innovative fashion. The result is a more subtle take on some of the characteristics the Trapezoids are known for, which gives it its “Cady” look. Taking inspiration from the Chveron and Trapezoid Cut is not where the Epaulette ends, but begins. Taking some of their best features and showcasing them in an innovative way. Actually is gaining popularity by the the day, and it’s not hard to see why. Taking some of the best aspects of its ancestors, the Chevron and the Trapezoid, and delivering on a shorter, more subtle angled form resembling the Cadi. The Epaullete has proven itself as a side stone that truly enhances the main piece in a perfectly balanced fashion.

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