Loose Baguette Side Stones and Matching Diamond Pairs

Our Baguette Diamond Pairs

The Straight Baguette Cut is one of our top sellers due to their outstanding capability as side stones. As a result, we made it our primary mission to offer them at unmatched quality, and quantity at a wide variety of sizes, colors and clarity.  

Pairs weighing at 0.10 carats up to 2.5 carats in total.

Colors range from D to I

Clarity range from IF to SI1

This unique line of  Baguette Side Stones is a Jewelers dream, as we’re able to match each stone with an exact cut, color, and clarity. We highly recommend putting an emphasis on going for great clarity due to the clear view of the cut, and we’re happy to have an abundance of such pieces to offer.  They can often be seen in stunning Baguette Diamond Earrings, ross Diamond Necklaces, Journey Necklaces, Three Stone Engagement Rings, and other types of Jewelry.

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A Jewelers Best Friend - the Straight Baguette Cut Diamond

The Baguette Cut Diamond is a rectangular shape made self-explanatory by its name, taking after the similarly shaped rectangular and elongated French baguette bread. While the Baguette Cut came to prominence somewhere between 1920-1930 it is directly inspired by the antique cut known as the hogback, created in the 1600s, which was primarily used for the creation of crosses and letters.

Why the Baguette Cut Diamond?

The Baguette Cut is a member of the small yet prestigious club of step cuts like the Asscher, Emerald, and certain variants of the Trapeze Cuts.

Like many step-cut diamonds, the Baguette is not known, nor made to offer brilliance, but instead focuses on delivering clarity, beauty, and lustre. Despite its obvious appeal, the Baguette Cut is nowhere near as popular as its distant relatives in the brilliant family, which makes it significantly more affordable. Not only that, its elongated shape gives the appearance of being much larger than its actual weight.

The Ideal Settings for the Straight Baguette Cut

The Baguette Diamond is notorious for being the perfect side, or accent stone to enrich and support center stones in an unprecedented way, both due to its unique style as well as being cost effective. Combining them with the Asscher and Emerald Cut is among its most popular uses, often in pave ring settings.

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