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Rectangular Elongated Radiant Diamond Cut Rows - Ava Diamonds

The Rectangular Radiant which has become an incredibly popular cut in recent years is a great example of a child stepping out of its parent’s great shadow. With the shine and firey sparkle of the Brilliant Round Cut on one hand and the elongated vintage beauty of the Emerald on the other.

As direct importers with our own cutting facilities, we’re fully aware of the inner working of a great vs not so great Rectangular Radiant Cut. From maintaining optimal facet patterns for maximum light retaining capabilities to avoiding the undesirable bow-tie effect that sometimes follows the Rectangular Radiant. Our solution comes via our innovative line of Rectangular Radiant Cut Diamond Layouts, available to you right from the heart of Charlotte, NC.

Our Range of Rectangular Cut Diamond Rows

Whether you’re a Jeweler or a Wholesaler, having access to a wide range of ready to be set perfectly matched layouts is both a time saver and a money saver due to our competitive pricing.

Our Radiant Rows are often set in Eternity Rings, 3 Stone Engagement Rings, 5 Stone Engagement Rings, Tennis Bracelets, Riviera Necklaces, and other fantastic jewelry designs.

Sizes ranging from 0.10 carats to 1.00 carats total.

Colors range from D to J

Clarity range from VVS to SI

We’re always thrilled to showcase our unique yet vast stock and product lines. If you have any questions regarding custom orders, we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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