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Square Cushion Cut Diamond Side Stones by Ava Diamonds

Our Square Cushion Matching Diamond Pairs

While the Cushion Cut Diamond Shape is more than capable of being a center stone, its light dispersion effect also makes it an amazing side stone. Our innovative line of made for Jewelry Square Cushion Cut Diamond Matching Pairs takes things to a whole new level, as each diamond is of incredible quality and craftsmanship, and matched with a matching identical diamond.  

Weight range from 0.10 carats up to 2.5 carats in total

Colors range from D to I

Clarity range from IF to SI1

Our Square Cushion Cut Side Stones are often incorporated in Cushion Cut Solitaire Designs, Halo Rings, 3 Stone Engagement Rings, and Cluster Rings and a variety other Jewelry.
We welcome Special and complex Custom Made orders, and will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns.

loose cushion cut diamonds
loose square cushion cut diamonds
square cushion diamond matching pairs

The Square Cushion Cut - By Popular Demand

The Cushion Cut Diamond otherwise known as the pillow cut diamond throughout its near 200 years of existence once went by the name of the Old Mine Cut, and at one point was the most desired diamond shape in the world. It was most prominent during the art deco movement thanks to its allure as a hybrid between square and rounded shape and elegance. However, when technology advanced and the Round Cut began its meteoric rise, the Cushion dipped in popularity. The last decade has noticeably shown appreciation for vintage and antique jewellery designs, which explains the comeback of the Cushion placing it as one of the top five most desired diamond shapes for Engagement Rings today.

Look for Experts That Know Their Cushion Facetting Patterns

Lab reports are usually quite proficient in most diamond shapes, but when it comes to the Cushion are lacking a major factor, that being the specific mention of the two variables of facets. These two patterns go by Chunky, or Crushed Ice. While both have their own pros and cons, you may find yourself opting for something you didn’t bargain for. So what are the differences?

Chunky facette patterns are the more popular choice when it comes to Cushions as their structure resembles that of the dominant brilliant round cut diamonds. They are usually created using the standard cutting method of the Cushion and go by Antique, or Vintage Cushion Cut. The term chunky refers to the larger facets compared to the second pattern, and are known to have more brilliance.

Crushed Ice takes advantage of what appears to be a random act of beauty much like the result of crushing ice. They possess a different kind of beauty compared to that of the chunky which is more firey and are created using the modified cushion cutting method. They are more often than not more affordable than the chunky pattern pieces.

Cushion Diamonds Are very Demanding but Rewarding

When it comes to colour retention the cushion is known for being problematic, so in order to enjoy the Cushion Cut in all its glory, you would have to aim higher for your color choices. The cushion is also designed in a way that leaves it with an above average sized table which leaves any issues regarding its clarity highly exposed, so it’s also advised to invest in higher clarity.
square cushion cut diamond engagement ring with brilliant round cut on band
square cushion cut diamond engagement ring with brilliant round cut on band
three stone diamond ring with fancy yellow cushion and cushion cut matching pair diamonds
three stone diamond ring with fancy yellow cushion and cushion cut matching pair diamonds
square cushion and oval cut wedding pand platinum
square cushion and oval cut wedding pand platinum

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