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Our direct manufacturing access and vast experience that spans over seven decades have given us the privilege of working with outstanding established corporations in the diamond industry internationally as well as promising companies that are on their way to great things. We are based in Charlotte, North Carolina with manufacturing facilities in Israel and are proud of our international reach, but have made it our goal to never forget where our heart is, proudly serving North Carolinians at our Headquarters in Charlotte with passion and dedication.

We look forward to establishing new business relationships by addressing your individual requirements for special makes, as well as providing access to our unique line of innovative products, from Loose GIA certified diamonds,  to our Side Stone Matching Diamond Pairs and Diamond Layouts.

Whether you’re in need of a versatile and extensive stock of the evergreen popular cuts or are in need of unique masterfully cut diamonds such as Trapezoids, Half Moons, Shields, Tapered Baguettes and many more cuts. Our online diamond inventory was created with your success in mind, providing you to direct access to large stocks of versatile diamond cuts at wholesale prices and convenient payment terms.

We value our existing, as well as future clients immensely and understand the importance of qualified staff and customer support. Feel free to contact us with any questions or custom orders in mind, and our experienced staff will get back to you within 24 hours with further information and consultation.

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5950 Fairview Rd, Charlotte, NC 28210


+1 704-553-2288


We are always at your service, whether you have an order in mind or would just like to find out more information about our products. We will get back to you within 24 hours.