Loose Princess Cut Diamond Layouts

Our Calibrated Loose Princess Cut Diamond Rows

Loose Princess Cut Diamond Layouts - Ava Diamonds

With a sparkle that no other square cut can compete with and a distinct majestic design, it is no wonder the Princess Cut Diamond has become the second most dominant force in the diamond market today. Of course, being significantly more affordable compared to the number one positioned Round Brilliant just adds to its appeal.

As you may or may not know, the Princess Cut Diamond is of the more complex pieces. Finding consistency among suppliers is quite rare, which is why we’ve put so much emphasis on perfecting the process.

We at Ava Diamonds directly import and manufacture the highest quality of Princess Cut Diamonds in the world. We do so by singling out the wants and want not, as well as having our own manufacturing facilities both in Charlotte, NC, and Israel. This includes the focus on avoiding inclusions and imperfections that are visible to the naked eye. Staying clear of low-grade symmetry, and extra emphasis on improper girdles in each piece, be it too thin or too thick.

Our Range of Princess Cut Diamond Rows

Our strict policies regarding the quality of the cuts we deliver have gained such demand that we now offer Calibrated Princess Cut Diamond Layouts, made with your needs in mind. Instead of relentlessly chasing after countless suppliers trying to find identical pieces to match your Jewelry designs in mind or those of your clients, you now have access to a wide range of identical, ready to be set Princess Cut Diamond Rows.

Sizes available at 0.03-1.00 carats.

Colors available from D to J.

Clarity available from VVS – SI

Nothing brings us more joy than seeing our hard work in action, Princess Cut Diamond Rows placed in Jewelry. Our clients implement our rows in stunning  pieces such as Three Stone Wedding Rings, Solitaire Pendants, Eternity Line Necklaes, Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Bands, among others.

In addition to our products, we take pride in being active participants in the success of our clients. Our service includes guidance and strategic planning to ensure you make the absolute best of the many options we deliver. Have a custom order in mind or want to find out more information about our products? Feel free to contact us.

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