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Rarely do we see a relatively new cut grow exponentially to the point of becoming a household name. A rare case such as that can be seen with the Emerald Cut which features elongated facets and straight lines throughout due to the step cut in which it was formed.

We at Ava Diamonds offer a diverse and time-saving product line of Emerald Cut Diamond Layouts, made with Jewelers and wholesalers in mind. After all, it’s difficult enough to find one Emerald that can meet quality standards let alone identical ones that are ready to be set in jewelry, which is where our direct import access and our own manufacturing establishments come into play.

Whether you have complex or simple requirements in mind, our Emerald Rows come in a large variety that can match your vision, save you time and money thanks to our competitive pricing. Our Emeralds are in perfect harmony be it their Color, Clarity or Cut.

Our Range of Emerald Shape Diamond Rows

Sizes ranging from 0.10ct to 1.00ct each.

Colors ranging from D to I

Clarity ranging from VVS to SI

Our Emerald Cut Diamond Layouts can be seen in a variety of Jewelry, Such as Emerald Cut Wedding Band Designs, Eternity Rings, Tennis Bracelets, Riveria Necklaces, and many more. Feel free to contact us if you have an order in mind, or just want more information about our unique products.

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