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Half Moon Diamond Pairs by Ava Diamonds

Our Brilliant Cut Half Moon Diamond Pairs

The Champions of Three Stone Engagement Rings are without a doubt the Half Moon Cut Diamonds. Due to the need and difficulty of finding matching half-moon side stones, we decided to offer Jewellers and Wholesalers alike a unique line of Matching Brilliant Cut Half Moon Cuts, matching in all aspects, be it color, clarity, and cut.

Our Sizes Range from Pairs that weigh between 0.10 carats up to 2.5 carats total

Colors range from D to I

Clarity range from IF to SI1

Our Clients use our brilliant half moon cut pairs as side stones in a wide range of three stone engagement rings, connecting pendants, half moon stud earrings and a variety of other Jewelry. Due to the unique ability of the half moon to complement a variety it has established some powerful combinations with other cuts such as Cushions, Radiants, Asscher, Emeralds, and more.

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Half Moon Shape Diamond - the Ultimate Side Stone

The Half Moon, or the Crescent Diamond Cut is a highly unique and stunningly beautiful cut that has seen a meteoric rise in the diamond engagement ring market, most notably as a side stone thanks to its harmonious style of two connecting pieces that complement almost all center stones. In the past, half moons were created out of pre-existing shapes that were rounded like the oval or round cut. The result was adequate but not close to what is achieved today by creating them out of rough diamonds, which leads to superior brilliance and symmetry.

Matching Half Moons is Complex, But Highly Rewarding

The assistance and reliance on highly established and experienced diamond importers can greatly help the purchase of Half Moon Cuts. Due to their main use as side stones, and the high likelihood of purchasing them as pairs, they have to be matched to perfection. The quality of the cut itself is especially important in Half Moons, as improper proportions often lead to the much undesirable bow-tie effect.

Ideal Settings for the Half Moon Cut

The Half Moon is without a doubt the king of three stone engagement rings, and due to its versatility, it is able to sync perfectly with numerous diamond cuts placed at the center. Popular choices include matching them with Princess, Cushion, and Emerald Cuts among others in Prong and Bezel Settings.  

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