Tapered Baguette Diamond Cut Side Stones & Matching Diamond Pairs

tapered baguette diamond

Our Tapered Baguette Diamond Cut Side Stones

The Tapered Baguette is one of our top sellers in our ever-growing line of side stone matching due to being an ideal side stone. The Step Cut method used for creating them does not chase after Brilliance, but rather the clearness and Elegance. Our Tapered Baguette Diamonds are available at a wide range that is hard to beat, especially when you add to it the fact that they’re sold as perfectly matched diamond pairs.

We know the ins and outs of unique side stones and as such, put a great deal of importance in delivering you Tapered Baguettes of the highest cutting standards, at competitive prices.

Pairs weighing at 0.10 carats up to 2.5 carats in total.

Colors range from D to I

Clarity range from IF to SI1

Our sophisticated line of Tapered Baguette Side Stones are often used in Cathedral Rings, Cross Necklaces, Journey Necklaces, Three Stone Engagement Rings among others. Want to know more or have a custom order in mind? Feel free to do so. We are at your service.

loose tapered baguettes
matching pairs of tapered baguettes
matching tapered baguette diamonds

The Tapered Baguette Cut Diamond - A Tremendous Rendition of a Classic

The Tapered Baguette Cut Diamond is a unique rendition of the classic Baguette Cut, which differs in that its edges go inwards as opposed to being parallel to one another. The result is an elongated trapezoid-like baguette shape which takes the 1920-1930 born cut to new heights, especially in the field of side stones and three stone engagement rings.

Why the Tapered Baguette Cut Diamond?

The Tapered Baguette Cut much like the Straight Baguette is created using the Step Cutting Method. The result is vastly different than the Brilliant Cut norm which focuses on powerful brilliance and fire. What you get instead is an emphasis on clarity, lustre, and elegance. Despite all this, there’s no point in arguing that Brilliant Cut Shapes are more popular. Instead one can take advantage of the fact that the Step Cut Tapered Baguette is more affordable, and gives the perception of being larger than it actually is thanks to being elongated.

The Ideal Settings for the Tapered Baguette Cut

The tapered baguette cuts make for outstanding accent stones and side stones that when situated on the sides of three stone engagement rings, create a sense of completion and closure. Combining them with Asscher and Emerald Cuts has proven to be a winning combination, that is often incorporated with pave settings.
three stone ring with emerald and tapered baguettes
three stone ring with emerald and tapered baguettes
tapered baguette wedding band with micro pave
emerald cut and tapered baguette hoop earrings
emerald cut and tapered baguette hoop earrings

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