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The Pear Cut which takes the best of both worlds of the Brilliant Round and Marquise Cut and enjoys some of their best features is received with great love in today’s ever competitive diamond market. But finding a reliable source for delivery of well-cut pear diamonds that maximize its elegance and prestige is no easy task.

Pear cuts, after all, are quite gentle when set in jewelry, and vary greatly from one another. They can be too long, too short, too rounded, or have distracting imperfections or poor symmetry. This is where our innovative Pear Brilliant Cut Diamond Rows come in. Our perfectly synched identical rows matching in color, clarity and size. As direct importers with manufacturing facilities, we are able to hand select the best Pear Cuts and avoid the aspects which hinder their performance.

Our Range of Brilliant Pear Cut Diamond Rows

Weight ranges from 0.05 carts to 0.75 carats per piece.

Colors range from D to J

Clarity range from VVS to SI

Our customers often implement our Pear Cuts in stunning jewelry pieces, most notably 5 Stone Engagement Rings, Pear Shaped Diamond Necklace Designs, Eternity Line Tennis Bracelets, and so much more. We are available to our customers during the entirety of the process. Be it advising on the ideal amount and type of goods for their intended goals, or assisting in custom orders that are far too complex for less experienced wholesale suppliers.

Feel free to contact us for orders based on your requirements, or more info about our services.

matching pear cut diamond pairs
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fancy yellow pear shaped diamond with white pear cut diamond side stones

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