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Our Brilliant Calf Cut Diamonds

Calf Cut Side Stones which technically speaking are a modified rendition of the trapezoid, are a rare, unique, and alluring choice for Jewelry. An exciting alternative to trillion cuts due to their increased depth. We at Ava Diamonds are able to provide you with access to a large and diverse stock of Calf Shaped Diamonds due to our direct wholesale and in house manufacturing in a way that simply can’t be matched anywhere in the world.

Sizes Range From 0.15-1.00 cts per piece
Colors Range From D-J
Clarity Range From VVS-SI

Popular uses of our Brilliant Cut Diamonds include incorporating them into Three Stone Engagement Rings along Princess and Radiant Cuts as the center stones, as well as Solitaire Earrings, Halo Rings & more. Custom orders are available as well, feel free to contact us today and we will reply within 24 hours.

The Calf Cut is Here to Stay

The Brilliant Calf Cut Diamond is one of the more distinct and effective side stones available today. its name originates from its striking resemblance to two calf heads and is most commonly implemented on two opposing sides of three stone diamond rings, much like the Trapezoid Shape Group of Diamond Cuts which it’s related to. However, the Calf has a very notable difference in having five sides, as opposed to the classic four-sided Trapezoid.

Why the Brilliant Calf Diamond?

The side stone diamond market is one that is ever-growing, and as such, so does the continuous search for exciting new shapes. The Calf Cut Diamond is currently considered rare, and combined with its stunning visual appeal provides a remarkable way of differentiating oneself from the rest of the pack. It tends to work best when supporting center diamonds like the Square Radiant, Emerald, Princess, and many other shapes. As opposed to the step cut rendition of the Calf, the Brilliant emphasizes sparkle and dazzling light return which gives it that extra “oomph”.

Sourcing Brilliant Calf Shaped Diamonds

Due to the rarity, and complexity of the Brilliant Calf Cut Diamond, finding a reliable supplier can be tricky, but highly rewarding. A combination of a large and diverse stock with in house manufacturing facilities and an experience with special diamond cuts is key. Since there is no ideal ratio for Calf Diamonds, the ability to deliver an outstanding piece is based on each individual rough material and the skill set of your chosen manufacturer.

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