Custom Cut Diamonds

Custom Cut Diamonds

Having difficulties finding the diamond you want? No problem. You draw it, and we’ll cut it for you.  With over 75 years of experience and expertise, you can rest assured that Ava Diamonds is the right place to put your trust in for custom cut diamonds.

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Custom Cut Diamonds Ava Diamonds

Customize Your Diamond Selection

We at Ava Diamonds put an emphasis on providing our customers with the highest value for their diamonds. To do so we offer additional custom diamond services where we follow your specific requirements to match and bring our vision to life with the help of our Master Cutters, and our own manufacturing facilities. 

We’re capable of delivering special makes that other loose diamond wholesalers simply can’t compete with, including Kites, Tapered Baguettes, Shields, Bullets, and many more, as well as beloved classics with specific sizes, clarity, and colors, to match your jewelry design. 

Diamond Programs

Jewelers, Wholesalers & Collectors alike also enjoy our unique product lines of Matching Diamonds Pairs and Side Stones, as well as Calibrated Diamond Layouts, ready to be set in your design of choice, matching each other down to the smallest of details. 

We proudly service the Charlotte North Carolina area, as well as our international clients since 1946, and are available for consultations and unique requests. Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 


Ordering a Custom Cut Diamond

When making an order of a special make diamond, simply specify all your requirements, be it color, size, clarity, and cut. Following your request we will employ our direct manufacturing access and source the ideal material before starting the process. Assuming we were able to locate the necessary rough material, you can expect the completion of your order in three weeks. 

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