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Rectangular Radiant Diamonds by Ava Diamonds


We take great pride in our stock of Rectangular Radiant Cuts, so much so that we’ve added it to our unique product line of matching diamond pairs for use as side stones and diamond accents. We’re able to deliver exact matches due to being direct importers with manufacturing facilities. Our stock consists of:

Sizes ranging from 0.10 carats to 2.5 carats total

Colors range from D to I

Clarity range from IF to SI1

Rectangular Radiants are highly popular renditions of the Radiant Cut thanks to their superior fire and brilliance as well as their elongated aesthetically pleasing shape. They’re often incorporated into Radiant Diamond Cut Engagement Ring Designs, such as Three Stone Engagement Rings, Halo Rings, Pendants and Necklaces, among others.

We have yet to find a request that we couldn’t deliver on. Custom orders are available and are more than welcome. Feel free to contact us.

rectangular radiant cut diamond side stones
matching pairs of rectangular radiant cut diamonds
loose rectangular radiant cut diamonds


The Radiant Diamond Cut was first introduced to the world by Henry Grossbard sometime during the 1970s and has seen remarkable growth in popularity ever since. Being a rare example of a hybrid that enjoys the best features of some of its ancestors, such as the sparkle and brilliance inherited by the Round Brilliant Cut, and the elongated elegance taken after the Emerald Cut.

Getting the Best Results From Your Radiant Cut

The Rectangular Radiant Cut features a rather large table and combined with its modified facet patterns offers a remarkable potential for retaining light and brilliance. It is only when the Radiant is handled by genuine experts at their craft where its potential comes to fruition. Numerous factors are to be considered and addressed in forming an ideal Rectangular Radiant Cut, such as the width to length ratio, the right color and clarity and much more.

The Rectangular Radiant does indeed offer more potential in terms of its sparkle but has a great chance of having the unappealing bow-tie effect. Qualified and reliable direct importers and manufacturers can aid you in avoiding that possibility.

Ideal Settings for Rectangular Radiant Cut Diamonds

Due to the larger than the average number of facets the Radiant Cut features (around 70) it does a remarkably good job at hiding various imperfections such as blemishes and inclusions. It is also less delicate thanks to its bevelled corners, which opens up endless possibilities in terms of settings be Prone, Bazel, Chanel, Tiffany, and many more. Be it as a side stone or main stone the Radiant works brilliantly when combined with Trilliants, Baguettes, and Bullets among many other shapes creation a winning combination.

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