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Putting a Spotlight on Carre Cut Diamonds

The Carre, while relatively rare as it may be, is one of the most stunning shapes to have ever been produced, with a square symmetry that is all-encompassing to the observer. Why is it so hard to find nowadays?  Firstly, the fact that they belong to such a select niche, means that they are not mass-produced.

Things to look out for in step cuts, which are especially true in this case, include the higher visibility of its center, and as such avoidance of visible inclusions is definitely something we take into consideration while maintaining a diverse selection to fit all possible requirements.

Offered in The Following Range:

Sizes Ranging From 0.5 – 0.70 ct per piece
Colors Ranging From D-J
Clarity Ranging From VVS-SI

Carreu Cut Side Stone Diamond Pairs
loose carre cut diamond
Carre Cut Three Stone Diamond Loose Selection
loose carre shaped diamond
carre cut matching diamond pairs

Exploring the Elegance of Carré Cut Diamonds

The Unique Carre Cut Diamond is a lesser-known member of the square-cut diamond family which like most of its family members is somewhat overshadowed by the ever-popular Princess. However, with the continuous search for something distinctive and elegant, as well as the appreciation for art deco and antique style Jewelry, it has certainly found its own fan base.

Carre, The Square Diamond of Choice?

Incorporating the classic 90-degree corners that square shapes like the princess are known for, but the seductive traditional step cutting method that is often seen in Emeralds, Baguettes and other fancy cuts, gives the carre shape and those who observe it a remarkable display of symmetry. When compared with the princess shape that uses the brilliant cutting method, it delivers something entirely different in terms of its light dispersion. It provides mesmerizing elegance and fire, that is often incorporated into fantastic art deco and art nouveau style Jewelry. Is is most beautiful under natural sunlight or under romantic candlelight. After all, in the time in which they were developed, that was the norm.

The Difference Between a Good Carre Cut and a Bad One

Due to the step cut method incorporated in the creation of the Carre the type of beauty showcased is drastically different from the dazzling sparkle of brilliant cuts. Instead, the focus is on subtlety and elegance and a white spectrum of lights as opposed to colorful. A stunning choice in its own right, the step cut does have certain things that should be avoided. For example, the avoidance or minimizing inclusions due to its larger facets and larger table size is a must as they can be seen much clearer. In addition, while well proportioned masterfully cut step cut diamonds provide a majestic return on investment, those that aren’t well-proportioned look “milky” and blurry. So who you choose to source your stone from is a crucial decision.

Our Carre Shaped Diamonds Are Different

Distinctive and unique, Carré cut diamonds are a testament to superior diamond craftsmanship—an art form perfected over 75+ years at Ava Diamonds. Specializing in this squared shape, we’ve embraced the complexities of the Carré’s precise angles and clean lines, ensuring that our diamonds stand head and shoulders above the rest. Our patrons appreciate the rare elegance of carre cut diamonds, especially when set into sophisticated art deco-inspired jewelry pieces, such as eternity bands, 3 stone engagement rings, 5 stone engagement rings, solitaire rings, and stud earrings.

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