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Our Elongated Shield Shaped Matching Diamond Pairs

The elongated version of the shield cut diamond offers an even more of a dramatic and gorgeous statement but adds more options for suppliers to get lost in its complexities.

Luckily, with over 70 years of experience and expertise in the side-stone field enables us to deliver outstanding pieces that can put other shield cuts to shame.  Not only is our range of Shield Shaped Diamonds of superior quality, but our matching diamond pair product line provides a time-saving solution for Jewelers and Wholesalers alike.

Our Elongated Shield Step Cut Matching Diamond Pairs are second to none, and matched down to every small detail, be it cut, color, or clarity.

Sizes range from 0.10 carats up to 2.5 carats in total.

Colors range from D to I

Clarity range from IF to SI1

Nothing is more enjoyable than seeing our Elongated Shield Cuts in action. Some of their most popular uses include Three Stone Engagement Rings, dangle and hoop earrings, Art Nouveau Necklaces and Pendants, and many others.

We understand that starting a new business venture can be a daunting prospect. We welcome you to pay us a visit and see our stock for yourself or contact us. We will guide you throughout the process and consult you if required.

elongated shield cut matching pairs and side stones
loose elongated shield cut diamond
loose elongated shield shaped diamond

Dramatic and Stunning - the Elongated Shield Step Cut Diamond

The Elongated Shield Shaped Diamond Cut is a marvellous and innovative addition to the family of side-stone diamonds. While it does share certain resemblance to other popular Triangular Cuts, there are a few interesting differences that give it its unique twist,  from the upper section that is bowed to inward facing tapered edges. The Shield Cut is a rising star in the field of side stones and other jewelry type settings not only due to its alluring style, but also its moving symbolic meaning. It is hard to compete with all the things the Shield represents. From protection in times of war to protection of one’s heart. An incredibly fitting concept between soon to be wed, and married couples.

Not all Shield Cut Diamonds are Created Equal

Pinpointing a shield cut diamond is not too difficult, despite being a unique niche. However, locating cuts that truly resemble a shield and maintaining the beauty that the shield is known for can be a challenging task. It is advised to work with highly experienced direct importers and or manufacturers. Taking it a step further, working with specialists in the niche field of side-stone diamonds is even better.

A key thing to consider with most Shield Cuts is that their center section is quite wide. While this provides tremendous benefits aesthetically, it can also bring notice to various imperfections. Investing in the clarity of the piece is highly recommended.

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