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Our Kite Cut Diamonds

Having difficulty finding Kite Cut Diamonds that are masterfully cut, or ones that suit you or your client’s specifications? We’re certain that we at Ava Diamonds can be of assistance to you thanks to our vast experience, wholesale and manufacturing access. Our Kite Cut Diamonds adheres to the ideal proportions to ensure maximum return on your investment for use as side stones or solitary pieces.

Our Clients use our Kite Stones for anything from Three Stone Kite Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring, and Solitaire Earrings. Perhaps most popular is their use as side stones when combined with Ovals and Pears, most nostably for stunning art deco and art nouveau designs.

Sizes ranging from 0.5 – 1.00 ct per piece
Colors range from D-J
Clarity range from VVS-SI

Want to find out more about our line of kite cut diamonds or have a custom order in mind? We’re at your service. Feel free to contact us with orders or questions at your convenience.

The Rise to Fame of the Kite Side Stone Diamond

A rising star in the side stone diamond field, the Kite Shaped Diamond is easily noticeable with it elongated shape created by four lines. Two lines are at an angle and meet at the top point, while two even longer lines meet up at the endpoint of the piece. Another name which the kite is known for is “diamond” since its shape resembles the side view of a diamond as well as the depiction of how a diamond is portrayed in drawing, especially by children. Of course, the use of “diamond to describe the shape isn’t commonly used as it would only create unnecessary confusion.

Why the Kite?

The kite shaped diamond has multiple highly creative uses with side stones being the clear favourite due to its ability to add style and brilliance to each piece it’s grouped with thanks to its creative implementation of its elongated shape. Other uses include using the kite as a center stone in solitaire designs. Perhaps most creative is the grouping of five kite diamonds to form star shapes in various jewelry designs, which is a brilliantly economical option compared to getting an actual rare star-shaped diamond which is overpriced due to how wasteful of a design it is (a lot of the rough material is lost).

Kite Cut Diamond Uses

While undoubtedly the primary use of kite cut diamonds is as side stones, their uniqueness and appeal have seen them incorporated in unique sections of jewelry, such as the bottom metal portion of rings also known as the “shank”. When used as side stone diamonds, one of the most popular and stunning combinations is using Kite Cut Diamonds as Side Stones for Oval and Pear Center Diamond Pieces.

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