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Oval Cut Diamond Layouts - Ava Diamonds

With eye-catching fire and sparkle, slim elongated finesse, and reasonable pricing, it is no wonder the Oval is taking over. But finding a reliable supplier of Ovals is no easy task. We know what it takes to deliver outstanding Ovals, from avoiding, or diminishing the unappealing bow-tie effect which tends to surface in pieces below 60% in depth, to maintaining ideal proportions and width to length ratios to deliver maximum light retention and compliment the desired jewelry.

As direct diamond importers, we enjoy the first come first serve rule which enables us to deliver the finest pieces of Oval Cut Diamonds and avoiding any undesirable leftovers.

We offer Oval Cut Diamond Layouts or Rows that can help jewellers and wholesalers upset their competition due to our wide range, perfect matching of each individual piece, and competitive pricing. We have our own manufacturing facilities and all our cuts are made in the same lapidary to ensure that they’re all in perfect sync down to every last details.

Our Range of Oval Cut Diamond Rows

Size range from sizes 0.10 to 0.75 for each individual stone.

Colors range from D to J.

Clarity range from VVS to SI.

Our Oval Cut Diamond Rows are often seen in stunning Jewelry such as Eternity Line Necklaces, Riviera Necklaces,  Oval Cut Engagement Rings, Solitaire Necklaces, and many more. Due to how wide our range of goods is we are more than happy to accommodate complex and simple orders alike. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products, or services.

loose oval cut diamonds
matching oval cut diamond pairs
three oval cut diamonds for three stone rings

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