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Our Shield Step Cut Matching Diamond Pairs

Finding shield cut diamonds that authentically convey the shape of a diamond and maintain the smooth elegance that step cuts are known for is no easy task. Still, when you consider the reward due to their ability to offer a twist on the norm in a stunning yet meaningful way it is highly worth it.

As direct importers and wholesalers, we at Ava Diamond made it our primary goal to offer Matching Shield Cut Diamonds at range so wide no one else can rival. Be it the individual quality of each piece, to our ability to support simple and complex orders alike.  We’re able to match everything from the size, color, and cuts with all our available pairs.

Sizes range from 0.10 carats up to 2.5 carats in total.

Colors range from D to I

Clarity range from IF to SI1

We’re proud of seeing our Shield Cuts in action. They’re especially popular when set in Three Stone Engagement Rings, and due to their symbolism and beauty, in dangle earrings, pendants and necklaces, among others.

We have yet to find a custom order that we failed to deliver in a timely and accurate fashion. Feel free to challenge us any day of the week, simple and complex orders are both welcome.

The Shield Cut - Where Symbolism Meets Beauty

The Shield Cut Diamond is a fascinating and unique addition to the rich world if diamond cuts. While sharing similarities to other Triangular Cuts, the Shield-Shaped Diamond differs in a few interesting ways, from its bowed top to its tapered edges directed inwards. The Shield Cut is a rising star in the field of side stones not simply because of its stunning aesthetics, but its touching symbolism. After all, the Shield symbolizes protection which is incredibly fitting a sentiment between couples.

What Constitutes a Great Shield Cut Diamond

Finding a shield cut diamond is not a difficult task. Finding one that genuinely looks like a well proportioned stunning shield is a more challenging task, which is why it’s highly recommended to work with the most experienced of direct importers and manufacturers, ideally with experience in the side stone field.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice regarding the purchase of Shield Cuts is paying extra attention to their center. Since it’s wider than most cuts, which offers substantial benefits,  it can easily backfire by putting to light certain imperfections. This can be avoided by investing more in the clarity of each piece.

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