Half Moon Side Stones Step Cut Diamond & Matching Diamond Pairs

Step Cut Half Moon Diamonds for Side Stone use by Ava Diamonds


In the field of side stone diamonds, the uncrowned king has to be the Half Moon Cut, both in its brilliant and step cut renditions. Despite its popularity, finding a reliable source that can deliver a wide range of high-quality half moons is not easy to come by. As direct importers with our own manufacturing facilities, we’re able to separate ourselves from the pack, by offering identical matching pairs that answer the need of Jewellers and Wholesalers alike.

Our Sizes Range from Pairs that weigh between 0.10 carats up to 2.5 carats total

Colors range from D to I

Clarity range from IF to SI1

Our customers use our Matching Diamonds in a wide variety of unique jewelry, including but not exclusive to: Half Moon Diamond Earrings, Connecting Pendants and Necklaces, 3 Stone Rings, Anniversary Rings, and a variety of other Jewelry. The Step Cut rendition of the Half-Moon put on emphasis on clarity and elegance which is able to enrich numerous center stones such as  Cushions, Radiants, Asscher, Emeralds, and more.


The Half Moon which also goes by the name Crescent Diamond Cut is a hypnotizing and remarkable cut that continues to grow exponentially in the competitive field of diamond engagement jewelry, much thanks to its wide use a side stone . Its ability to complement almost all popular center stone options in three stone rings is uncanny, and it does so in a harmonious fashion often set in a style where the two opposing sides connect in a natural way. The creation of half moon cut has seen a drastic change for the better, as in previous generations it was created out of already made shapes like the oval and round cuts as opposed to now where they’re formed straight from the rough stone which leads to superior results both in symmetry and in the case of the step cut, clarity.

Matching Half Moons Step Cut Diamonds Can Be Complicated, But Highly Rewarding

Niche and unique cuts like the Half Moon are all about who your supplier is. Experience. Since the primary use of the Half Moon Cut is for implementation as side stones, they are sold in pairs. As a result, they have to be in perfect sync and match in all aspects. Settling in terms of quality in the cut itself would be a terrible mistake since misaligned symmetry leads to the dreaded bow-tie effect. Luckily it can be diminished, if not completely avoided when choosing a reliable source.  

Ideal Settings for the Half Moon Step Cut

The Half Moon is more often than not placed in three stone engagement ring designs. It is incredibly versatile and blends seamlessly with nearly all popular center stones. Famous combinations include a Cushion, Emerald, or Princess Diamond Cut at the center with a pair of Step Cut Half Moon Diamonds sitting on opposing ends completing both each other and their respected lead star. Settings wise, they are often found in Prong and Bezel Settings.

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