Loose Princess Cut Diamond Side Stones & Matching Diamond Pairs

Loose Princess Cut Diamonds for Side Stones by Ava Diamonds


Finding one genuine high-quality piece among loose princess cut diamonds isn’t easy these days, let alone finding two. As wholesalers and direct importers, we offer a solution to this problem in the form of a  rich variety of matching diamond pairs of princess cuts, ranging at 0.03-1.00 carats. They’re often used by our clients in Princess Cut Halo Rings, Three Stone Engagement Rings, Halo Rings, and Solitaire Earrings, with endless other possibilities.

Colors are available at D-J

Clarity available at  VVS-SI

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princess cut diamond rows and layouts
princess cut diamond matching pairs and side stones
loose princess cut diamonds


The Princess Cut Diamond is one of the newer fancy cuts created and credited to Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz in 1979 while taking inspiration from French predecessors. Despite being relatively new, the Princess Cut has taken the Jewellery world by storm thanks to having a superior light retention capability to all squared diamond shapes, being more affordable than the classic Round Cut, while offering a modern and fascinating presence.

The Finer Details of the Princess Cut Diamond

When it comes to other fancy cuts, including those that tend to be square in nature, none come close to the sheer brilliance and sparkle offered by the Princess Cut. As a general rule, the princess is constructed with 57 to 76 facets and increases in pricing the more square it is and less triangular. Speaking of price, another reason for the overwhelming success of the princess cut is its pricing compared to the classic round cut. This is partially due to the economic benefits of crafting the cut which leads to maintaining more of the rough material. The difference is a staggering 25 to 30 percent in pricing. Add to that, that the princess cut is great at hiding flaws and imperfections that comparable stones can’t get away with, and you got yourself a winner.

Ideal Settings for Princess Cut Diamonds

The corners of a princess cut are its weak spots and as such, choosing the ideal settings for the cut is more than just finding the most visually appealing setup. It’s about protecting and prolonging the stone’s mint condition.

The most ideal setting for the princess cut for both appeal and protection is the classic 4-prone setting in which the stone is protected by a metal claw. The Princess is quite popular in Three Stone Rings, Chanel Settings, and Solitaires as well.

princess cut diamond engagement ring with micro pave
princess cut diamond engagement ring with micro pave
princess cut diamond engagement ring with micro pave
princess cut diamond engagement ring with micro pave
princess cut and round cut wedding band-min
princess cut and round cut wedding band-min

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