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Brilliant Cut Round Diamond Layouts - Ava Diamonds

Nothing comes close to the Brilliant Round Cut Diamond, both in terms of popularity, and its uncanny ability to retain light and deliver a remarkable sparkle.  In fact, the cut is so commonplace that it’s difficult to discern which companies offer pieces that see their potential come to life as opposed to a shallow existence.

Given our 70 years in the business of supplying to the American Diamond Market, we’ve positioned ourselves as the go-to source for Brilliant Round Cuts of superior quality. During our Direct Importing and manufacturing processes, we individually select only pieces that match our quality standards as we take the satisfaction of our clients as a high priority.

We avoid cuts that have any issues in terms of their symmetry and hurt the optimal paths for the rich sparkle that the round is so famous for and avoiding inclusions located at the center table. As a result, our reputation has risen to the point that we now offer ready to be set Brilliant Cut Diamond Rows.

Our Range of Round Cut Diamond Rows

Our unique product line of Round Cut Diamond Layouts was developed by us to both provide Jewelers and Wholesalers with time and money saving solution by offering identically matched sets of Brilliant Round Cuts that are in perfect harmony down to every factor, be it their color, clarity, or size, perfect for Jewelry.

Size –  0.01-4.00 cts Per Stone

Color: D-J

Clarity: VVS – SI

Given our wide range of stock of identical Round Cut Layouts is also of outstanding quality, the options for Jewelry designs are limitless. We often see our clients add them to Eternity Necklaces, Three Stone Engagement and Wedding Rings, Anniversary Rings, Basket Style Stud Earrings, and so much more. We are always at your service regarding questions about our product lines and inquiries about custom orders. We also offer in-depth consultation to all our clients if they choose so.

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brilliant round cut diamond matching pair

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