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Our Brilliant Round Cut Matching Diamond Pairs

Given the massive market share of the Brilliant Round Cut it’s only logical that we dedicate a huge amount of our time and effort in offering the cream of the crop. We provide our clients with a rich selection of Matching Brilliant Round Cut Diamonds that are in perfect sync based on all 4c’s down to a millimetre.

Pairs Weighing at 0.10 – 4.00

Color: D-J

Clarity: VVS – SI

Our product line of Matching Round Cut Diamonds is incorporated in stunning Jewelry Pieces which Include 3 Stone Round Diamond Engagement Rings, Solitaire Engagement Rings, Solitaire Earrings, Basket Pendant Sets, and many more.

We take great pride in our stock both due to its versatility and its quality and are looking forward to you seeing it for yourself. Custom orders are welcome, regardless of how simple or complex they are. 

three brilliant round cut diamonds
loose brilliant round cut diamonds
brilliant round cut diamond matching pair

The Round Brilliant Cut - a Force to be Reckoned With

The Brilliant Round Cut Diamond is not just the most popular cut today, it’s a dominating force that takes up 70-80% of the market share. While Round Shaped Diamond has a well-respected history themselves, most notably The Old European Cut, it was only when technology started meeting the imagination of manufacturers where the Round Brilliant Cut came to life via the sensational invention of the bruting machine in 1870.

Why the Brilliant Round Cut is so Successful

While it’s true that there have been massive ad campaigns that aided the rise of the Brilliant Round Cut Diamond to get its head start, its rise to the dominant force it is today is credited to none other than its brilliance. No other cut can simply outshine it when it comes to its ability to retain light and deliver a stunning sparkle.

Making an Informed Purchase

One must not take the superior capabilities of the Brilliant Round Cut for granted. Yes, it’s unrivalled in terms of its potential to shine, but the key word here is “potential”. Any hindrance to the light journeying its way through the piece will fail to deliver on its potential, which is why purchasing them through reliable and experienced importers and manufacturers are key, especially when taking into account that the Round Cut is more expensive.  

Hindrances for the optimal performance of a Round Cut can stem from being too shallow, too deep, or other symmetrical issues, all of which result in the light getting lost inside the stone and creating dead areas where there should be life. Inclusions that are placed on the edges are tolerable as they will most likely vanish when placed in jewelry settings, but anything that comes anywhere near the main table should be avoided.

Ideal Round Cut Diamond Settings

Being that the Brilliant Round Cut is the classic choice for a diamond piece, a classical setting is its most popular choice. A Solitare Ring in a 4-Prong Settings will ensure the superior brilliance of the cut to shine through without any unnecessary distractions.

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