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Oval Diamond Cuts Side Stones by Ava Diamonds

Our Oval Diamond Cuts Matching Diamond Pairs

If you’re on the hunt for a direct importer of Oval Brilliant Cut Diamonds you need not look further. Our unique line of matching ovals is a perfect choice as side stones and pairs due to their identical specifications and superior quality.  Our customers love using them for Oval Halo Engagement Rings, Three Stone Rings,, eternity necklaces, solitaire earrings and other tremendous jewelry designs.

Our Oval Cuts range from sizes 0.10 to 0.85 for each individual stone.

Colors range from D to I.

Clarity range from IF to SI1

We take pride in being able to deliver on all custom orders. In fact, we will thank you for the challenge and overdeliver. Don’t hesitate to call for any guidance and consultation.

The Arrival of the Oval Diamond Cuts

We owe a great deal to Lazare Kaplan for perfecting the modern version of the Oval Cut Diamond, back in 1957. It can be summarized as a sophisticated modified rendition of the Brilliant Round Cut and it inherited much of its sparkle and fire, with the added slim cut elegance, at a more affordable price range.

The Oval Cut Diamond Cannot Be Taken Lightly

The Oval Cut Diamond cannot be taken lightly. Due to its elongated shape, many cuts possess an undesired bow-tie effect, most notably in pieces with a depth under 60%.  That is why where and who you buy it from is important, and why a direct diamond importer that buys straight from the source gains the opportunity to stock up on superior goods and deliver them to you.

Recommended Settings for the Oval Cut

The Solitaire Ring Setting is the most popular choice for Ovals as their exceptional brilliance makes for a great stand-alone piece. While 4-prong and 6-prong settings are the ideal choices visually as they allow the remarkable sparkle and fire of the main Oval Piece to truly come into life, they do have the drawback of leaving it more exposed and subjected to potential damage, with the 6-prong setting being slightly more secure. An alternative is the Bezel Setting which incorporates a circular metal band as an added safety measure, at the cost of some visibility.

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