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Our Emerald Cut Matching Diamond Pairs

Our focus on Emerald Cut Diamonds doesn’t simply end with having a large quantity. We make it our priority to offer matching Emerald Diamonds made to perfectly synchronize with one another, for use as side stones or as pairs. Identical specs down to the small details.

Sizes ranging from 0.10ct to 0.85ct each.

Colors ranging from D to I

Clarity ranging from IF to SI1

Our customers more often than not, use our service for their jewelry designs, from Emerald Diamond Earrings, Eternity Rings, Three Stone Engagement Rings, Tennis Bracelets and Necklaces, among others.

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loose emerald cut diamond
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How the Emerald Cut Diamond Came to Be

The Emerald Cut is one that goes back as far as the 1500s during endless trial and error of cutting the Emerald Gemstone which was known for its complexities and delicate nature. Any wrong step and you’d lose a tremendous amount of your stone or even destroy it completely. The answer came in the form of a Square Emerald Shape which incorporated the step cut method, later brilliantly revived and perfected for Diamonds during Art Deco Rise of the 1920s.

The Unique Spark of the Emerald Cut Diamond

The Emerald Cut does not give back the same type of fiery brilliance that is associated with the Princess, or Round Brilliant Cuts. What you get instead is the famous hall of mirrors effect, ideal for those looking for soothing elegance and sophistication with a vintage touch.

Finding the Right Emerald Cut Diamond Supplier

The most challenging aspect about Emerald Diamonds is undoubtedly its clarity, which is brought to light thanks to its straight lines and elongated facets, achieved with the step cut process like the Emerald is the additional visibility of imperfections due to their straight lines and elongated facets. As such, gaining access to a direct importer will open a new world for you in terms of our inventory and competitive pricing.

Popular Emerald Cut Settings

Emerald Cut Diamonds are often incorporated in a Classic Prong Setting which the Emerald Center Stone is emphasized to its fullest. Another popular method is known as the Halo Ring Setting which uses smaller stones that highlight the main one.
emerald and round cut diamond eternity band in platinum
emerald and round cut diamond eternity band in platinum
three stone eternity cut diamond engagement ring
three stone eternity cut diamond engagement ring
emerald diamond hoop earrings in platinum
emerald diamond hoop earrings in platinum

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