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Our Trillion Cut Diamond Side Stones & Pairs

Our Trilliant Cut Matching Diamond Pairs is one of our most popular product line, thanks to the importance we place on identical matching, and optimal cutting standards.  Our extensive and diverse selection of Trilliant Cut Diamonds can help you gain the edge over your competitors, at unrivaled quality and pricing.

We offer sizes from 0.10ct to 0.85 for each piece.

Colors available from D to I.

Clarity available from IF to SI1.

Our repeated customers incorporate our side stones in Trillion Diamond Earrings, Three Stone Engagement Rings, as well as Tennis Necklaces and other forms of Jewelry.

Custom orders are more than welcome. We have full confidence in our ability to outperform even the most complex requests, and we’ll be delighted to assist you throughout the process.

The Triangular king - the Trillion Cut Diamond

The Trilliant cut, also known as Trillion, or Trielle Cut Shape Diamond is another innovation brought to us by none other than the Asscher brothers, known primarily for the Asscher Cut, and Royal Asscher Cut Diamond. It was however officially trademarked by Henry Meyer Diamond Company in 1962. The Trilliant, roughly speaking, is a triangular diamond with two main variants: curved and uncurved, with all three sides being equal thus creating the triangle.

Perceived As Larger

One of the great advantages the Trilliant Cut offers is appearing larger than the majority of popular cuts out there, thanks to their shallow depth and wide structure. They’re extremely popular as supporting acts for solitaire designs but can certainly act as the main act occasionally. The number of facets used for Trilliant Cuts ranger from 31 to 50 which mainly depends on their intended use.

How to Make an Educated Trilliant Cut Diamond Purchase

While the shallow depth of the Trilliant is what provides the illusion of larger appearance, a piece that is too shallow will create an undesirable side effect of hurting the sparkle and brilliance. In addition, correct depth and symmetry of the trilliant provide the added benefit of hiding inclusions and imperfections. Any variations away from the 1:1:1 ratio of the Triangular are extremely obvious and should be avoided unless you’re interested in something slightly different.

Ideal Settings for the Trilliant Cut Diamond

The sharp edges of a trilliant cut are notorious for being delicate. Prong settings are undoubtedly the way to go, but due to the irregular shape of the Trilliant, it’s important that the prong setup, be it 4 or 6, matches it.

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