Loose Marquise Diamond Side Stones & Matching Diamond Pairs

Loose Marquise Diamond Side Stones by Ava Diamonds

Our Brilliant Cut Marquise Diamond Side Stones

We’ve been importing and manufacturing Marquise Cut Diamonds for over seven decades and as a result, understand what it takes to achieve a masterful Marquise Cut, from avoiding the dreaded warp effect, to maintaining a balance between the delicate pointed ends of each piece.

Our Marquise Cut Matching Diamonds Pairs not only holds true to the highest possible standards they’re also in perfect sync to one another down to the millimetre.

from 0.10 ct to 0.85 for each stone.

Colors range from D to I

Clarity range from IF to SI1

These matching marquise cut diamonds are often used for Tennis Bracelets, Eternity Rings, Marquise Halo Engagement Rings, Drop Earrings, and more.

We understand the importance of reputation and customer satisfaction in our business and are more than willing to walk through each and every step along the way with you to ensure complete satisfaction.

matching pairs of marquise cut diamonds
marquise cut diamond rows
loose marquise cut diamonds

The Passionate History of the Marquise Cut

The Marquise or Navette Cut Diamond (roughly translated to little ship) is a French-born cut dating back to 1740. Reliable historical sources claim that it was created at the request of none other than King Louis XV as a unique gift to his mistress the Marquise de Pompadour which the stone was named after, and supposedly made to resemble the shape of her lips.

Technically speaking, the Marquise can be described as a modified and elongated Round/Oval Cut with the addition of two pointed ends. It is ideally crafted using 56 facets and width to length ratio of 2 to 1, which is especially important for the avoidance of a warping effect.

The Impact of the Marquise Cut Diamond

While the Marquise is not necessarily in high demand compared to such stars as the Round or Princess, its distinct and feminine appeal has grown quite a large fan base. It is especially a hit among women who want their engagement rings to be unique and make a lasting impression, and it delivers on that desire thanks to its elongated and narrow shape and larger than the average crown surface area which combined add a slimming effect to the fingers of the person wearing it.

The Marquise Requires Delicate Settings

The right settings for the Marquise should without a doubt be carefully planned. The reason being, that the narrow pointy ends which help distinguish the marquise are relatively fragile. As such, implementing 4 or 6 prong settings should definitely be your preference.
marquise cut diamond engagement ring micro pave
marquise cut diamond engagement ring micro pave
marquise and round diamond eternity band in platinum
marquise and round diamond eternity band in platinum
marquise pear shape and round diamond linked pave bracelet in platinum
marquise pear shape and round diamond linked pave bracelet in platinum

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