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For Over 70 years AVA Diamonds has been a global manufacturer and supplier of natural diamonds that can be seen through shopping centers of leading design houses throughout the world. From the renowned Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and Fifth Avenue New York, all the way to Bond Street London, and Orchard Road Singapore.

While each culture is vastly different from one another, when it comes to our diamonds, the reasoning behind our repeat customers remains the same. Our high standards of cutting, and ability to provide custom solutions to even the most complex requirements. Our lines of singles, side stones and calibrated layouts are the accumulation of several decades worth of experience.

We offer loose diamonds ranging from 1 to 10+ carats with GIA certification. Our inventory consists exclusively of natural earth mined diamonds through unique lines of products such as high-quality matching pair diamonds, and rare cuts such as Half Moons, Trapezoids, Kites, Shields, Tapered Baguettes, and many more. We’re also known for our Diamond Layouts which include Asscher Cuts, Emerald Cuts, Cushion Cuts,  and Radiant Cuts, among others.

Our Products



We carry a versatile range of goods ranging from 0.70 carats, to 7.00 carats with certifications from established labs as GIA, IGI, HRD, and EGL, competitively priced due to our direct import.

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Imagine it or draw it, we’ll put your vision to life! with a customized order per your specifications. We strongly believe in overdelivering on our promises and providing you with a masterpiece.



Calibrated diamond layouts synched for use in Five Stone Diamond Rings, Necklaces, Eternity Rings, and Bracelets, time saving and superior results.



Our massive selection of perfectly matched diamond pairs is every Jewelers fantasy. An endless selection of near-identical pairs, including rare cuts to put you ahead of your competition.

GIA Certified Natural Diamonds for Engagement Rings and Fine Jewelry


Loose Wholesale Diamonds in Charlotte, NC

Ava Diamonds is the premier direct diamond wholesalers & importer of Charlotte, NC. We carry a vast selection of Loose GIA Certified Diamonds, as well as unique and specialized cuts of different qualities available at our online stock.

We stand by our claims, and in addition to our ability to provide you with the largest and most versatile selections of diamonds online at wholesale prices, we also take pride in our personable approach to customer service. Our staff is as friendly as it is professional and will aid you with orders and provide consultation throughout the process.

A Direct Diamond Manufacturer

As direct diamond manufacturers, we carry an extensive selection of diamonds that are bound to impress collectors and merchants alike. When you come to Ava Diamonds, you get to reap the benefits of our “first come first serve” access staying ahead of the supply chain. We’re proud of our meticulous individual selection of each piece we carry to ensure that your requirements are met.

We have one goal in mind, and that is to become your go-to supplier whenever you’re in need of quality diamonds. If you have any questions about our inventory, our experienced sales team will be more than happy to answer, as well as provide consultation if needed to ensure the optimal experience and results from our services.

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The advantage of having a large versatile stock is met in one of our top sellers. Our Diamond layouts are the result of isolating and grouping pieces for an incredible time saving, stunning diamond rows ready to be used in  five stone diamond rings, Five Stone Diamond Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Eternity Rings, and many more. Available for Emerald, Square and Rectangular Radiants, Cushions, Princess, Ovals, and Asscher Cut Diamonds.



We invite all challenges. In fact, the more complex the project the better. We provide unique cuts of the highest standards, from French Cuts, Trapezoid Graduate Sets, Brilliant Tapered Baguettes, and other Custom Shapes.

Ava Diamonds Quality Standards


We take a lot of pride in the quality of our goods as well as our ability to offer a versatile range of them with the artistic precision of the highest manufacturing standards. From D-to-I colors, Flawess to VS clarity.

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Consistency is the secret to our success. Ava Diamonds offers specialized programs for wholesalers and manufacturers. We guarantee the same pieces down to a mm, same average weight, similarly priced goods, at a large variety of shapes.

Matching Diamond Pairs


Our specialized line of matching diamond pairs are a result of our dedication to delivering perfectly matched pairs for use as side stones, engagement rings,  and other forms of Jewelry. We are able to provide this not only for standard cuts, but for uniquely exotic cuts, notoriously difficult to master, such as the Trapeze, Bullet, Shields, Pears, Ovals, Half Moons, and many more.



AVA DIAMONDS carries a massive inventory of earth mined diamonds of all cuts, shapes, colors and clarity. Sizes range from 1 to 10 carats with such certifications as GIA, IGI, and EGL.

Diamond Manufacturing

Our dedicated facilities enable us to match the needs of our clients in personally, while offering competitive prices, and incorporating the latest technological advancements available today.

Service to the Industry

We love sharing our diamond cutting expertise with fellow members of the community, aiding in potentially increasing the efficiency of their manufacturing endeavours.


Following rules and regulations and acting accordingly is something we care deeply about. We adhere to the strict demands of the WDFB with pleasure, especially the ethical dealing of conflict-free diamonds.


We can meet your specific requirements, and your order will be met with the utmost care and attention without lowering our standards. Our goal, after all, is to be your lifetime business partners.

Our Quality Control

While staying up to date with the latest technologies is important, the discerning eye that comes with 75 years worth of experience is the key to our success, and returning customers.


As proud members of the Israeli Diamond Exchange for over 75 years, our reputation is our greatest asset. Being trustworthy and reliable plays a big part in it. References will gladly be shared upon request.

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