Loose Heart Diamond Brilliant Cut Side Stones & Matching Diamond Pairs

Loose Heart Diamond Brilliant Cut Side Stones by Ava Diamonds

Our Loose Heart Diamond Brilliant Cut Matching Diamond Pairs

While simplistic in theory, in actuality, a successful heart cut diamond is a rarity in today’s market. That is why we put great emphasis on delivering superior pieces that are both convincing aesthetically and maintain the fire and brilliance that our clients desire. All types of Heart Cut Diamonds are available based on your personal taste, and we offer them as perfectly matched pairs that will look remarkable on your intended Jewelry Piece.

Pairs weigh 0.10 carats up to 2.5 carats total.

Colors range from D to I

Clarity range from IF to SI1

We love seeing our Heart Shaped Diamonds in action. Our customers incorporate them as both side stones and main pieces in Three Stone Engagement Rings, Hoop Earrings, Infinity Rings, and Channel Settings among others.  

We strive to offer the perfect experience for our partners, be it through our consultation, competitive pricing, and speedy, yet superior delivery capabilities.

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A True Romantic Statement - the Heart Cut Diamond

You can’t get any more romantic than the Heart Cut, which unsurprisingly gets a huge spike in sales during valentines day. Many are surprised to find that the Heart Cut, despite its modern appeal dates back so far as 1463. Its most significant appearance throughout history was made when Queen Mary of Scots gifted a stunning Heart Cut Diamond to Queen Elizabeth in 1562. From a technical standpoint, the Heart is a Pear cut with a removed notch on top, and yet to create a convincing heart shape comes with a lot of complexities.

What Makes for a Great Heart Shape Cut Diamond

Size – A Loose Heart Diamond Cut under half a carat (0.50) is quite frankly too small for our eyes to perceive in a way that would reveal its shape in full, certainly as a main stone, though the case is different when its role is as a side stone.

Symmetry – While personal tastes are what comes first if you’re striving to get the most accurate depiction of a heart ideal dimensions are at 1:1 width to length but it all depends on their intended use. While the classic heart cut diamond dimensions are fantastic for necklaces and pendants, stepping out of the range is certainly a smarter option when it comes other forms of jewelry, such as three stone rings, where often the ratio is 0.83-1.00.

Ideal Settings for Heart Shape Cut Diamond

Due to the importance of preserving the authenticity of the Heart Shape as well as keeping it safe from wear and tear, there’s a great value in choosing the correct settings. As such, the 3 prong setting is the superior choice, protecting each section of the piece while enabling it to be on display. Bezel settings are also a viable choice.

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