What do Jennifer Lopez, Ava Graner, Beyonce, and Liv Tyler have in common? Well besides being talented and beautiful in their own right, they all have remarkable Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings, and the reasons for that are clear.

Three Stone Rings have taken the world by storm, with their incredibly romantic symbolism of Past, Present, and Future, matched with stunning combinations of a relatively Large Center DIamonds with two opposing smaller side stones on each side, and it has become commonplace to see them among many couples. But what if you’re looking for something different than the norm, something with a regal touch of class and elegance with Vintage and Antique beauty, but maintain the concept of the Three Stone Design?

This is where the Emerald Cut can offer a tremendous opportunity, with its vintage charm, and elongated beauty and elegant display of symmetry that has been beloved by royals for centuries. In this guide, we’ll cover what makes the Emerald Cut so appealing to many consumers that are looking for something more unique than your everyday shape for their 3 stone diamond engagement ring of choice, as well as list some of our favorite combinations and designs involving the Emerald.

How the Emerald Cut Diamond is Defined

The Emerald Cut, named after the Emerald Gemstone, is one of the oldest and beloved diamond cuts to be popularized and has been most dominant during the Art Deco period. It is defined as a rectangular, sometimes square shape, which belongs to a very exclusive set of diamond shapes, crafted using the Step Cut method as opposed to the Brilliant Cut method used by most diamond shapes today. Emerald DIamonds are 8 sided, with clipped corners and contain 58 facets altogether, which are divided into sections. 25 facets placed at the crown area, another 25 at the pavilion area, and finally, 8 facets placed at the girdle section of the diamond.

A Different Kind of Allure - The Step Cut Allure of the Emerald Shaped Diamond

A Step Cut way of manufacturing diamonds is one that was the go-to choice of artisans long before the technological advancements that allowed for the evolution and birth of the Brilliant Cut commonly used today. It includes shapes like the Baguette, Asscher Cut, and Carre Cut, with the Emerald Shape being the most popular of that exclusive club. Whereas today’s modern Brilliant Cuts and their structure are designed to provide the most sparkling brilliance, which is reflected in their faceting style among other things, the step cut provides a completely different set of charm and appeal, which is true for the Emerald as well.

The step cut method of the Emerald Shape creates a much lesser sparkle and fiery display of light due to the different construction of its facets. With elongated, linear facets and a large table, the Emerald instead provides a subtle elegance much different from the norm. Its staircase structure is part of what gives it its antique or vintage look, as it was so often used in the art deco era.

The Emerald is famous for its hall of mirror effects, where one can easily get lost in the endless mirror displayed. Being so rare nowadays, yet being very economical makes the Emerald stand out even without the bling-bling, but instead, speaks volume of sophistication and nostalgia.

Best Side Stone Diamonds for Emerald Cut Three Stone Rings

By now you may have already come to the conclusion that the Emerald Shaped Diamond is the ideal choice for your plans for a 3 stone ring, but what about the side stones that accompany it? Below are some of our favorite combinations to partner up with the Emerald Cut.

If you want to go the classical approach, generally speaking, to continue the vintage appeal and coherence of the overall ring, you should match a step cut diamond at the center with other step cut diamond of the same family branch at the opposing sides. However, there are some exceptions to this that are a little bolder, but quite rewarding. We’ll include a diverse list of some of our personal favorites.

A Classic Emerald Trilogy Three Stone Ring

A Cassic Emerald Trinity Three Stone Ring

Why not start with the safest and easiest choice? If you enjoy the emerald shape and want to team up your center diamond with stones of the same type, it’s a viable option that makes complete sense, seamlessly supporting one another and capturing the uniqueness that the Emerald Delivers in an all-encompassing fashion.

Emerald Three Stone Rings with Tapered Baguette Side Stone Diamonds

Emerald Three Stone Rings with Tapered Baguette Side Stone Diamonds

The Tapered Baguette is a modified version of the classic and popular Baguette Cut. It has been growing in popularity, especially when implemented in three stone rings, and is a tremendous partner for the Emerald situated at the center, creating a beautiful pattern and continuation of the step cut linear patterns which. They are often positioned horizontally on each side of the design, as opposed to the common vertical placement. And yet, it seems like they were meant to be there, and only add to the class and sophistication of the Emerald.

Emerald Three Stone Rings with Trapezoid Side Stone Diamonds

Emerald Three Stone Rings with Trapezoid Side Stone Diamonds

The Emerald and Trapezoid Diamond combo is incredibly alluring, with the unique trapezoid shape which is known for its elongated bottom half and rather short top section, it is placed in a wing-like fashion surrounding the emerald center, and adds a stunning geometrical embrace and charm

Emerald Three Stone Rings with Pear Shaped Diamonds

One of the less classic implementations but incredibly rewarding results can be achieved by combining the step cut emerald diamond at the center of your three stone ring, and placing two opposing brilliant cut pear shapes horizontally on each side. As it connects so seamlessly the brilliance of the pear does not take away attention from the center diamond, instead, it gives a come hither type of appeal to look closely into the hypnotizing charm of the emerald, and providing it with its own brilliance by surrounding it and enjoying both worlds.

Emerald Three Stone Rings with Step Cut Half Moon Diamonds

Half Moon Cut Diamonds are an incredibly popular matching for square and rectangular shapes, and in the case of the Emerald, its step cut rendition is sublime. The ability of the half moon, which are traditionally created from halves of round or oval cuts, to enhance the center diamond in a seamless fashion is uncanny. It is no wonder then that the Half Moon’s most popular use is in Three Stone Rings.

Why Should I Buy an Emerald Cut Diamond?

Whether you’re looking for something different from the norm that will stand out, or have an appreciation for things vintage or art deco, the emerald cut may be one of the best choices. When this shape is cut correctly, the benefits are numerous, from its romantic long lines to its dramatic presence and sheer elegance.

What are Emerald Cut Diamonds a Great Choice for Three Stone Rings?

The Emerald Shaped Diamond is one of the most ideal diamond shapes for not only three stone rings, but many others, from Solitaire, and while challenging to match, when done correctly, it makes for a remarkable Halo Ring.